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Admission Policy

Wholeness Haven Inc. admits males and females from 7 through 17 years of age with emotional and behavior problems.  The levels of care provided by Wholeness Haven are moderate, specialized, intense and intense Plus.

The program provides services to Youth regardless of race, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. 

The acceptance of an applicant is based on the assessment of the multi-disciplinary team.  Wholeness Haven Inc. will provide care for children who have the following conditions which is not the exhaustive list so each child will be discussed:

  • Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Other Diagnosed Mental Health Condition

  • Substance Use Related Disorders

  • Poor Peer/Familial Relations

  • History of abuse/neglect/ abandonment

  • Moderate to Severe behavioral problems

  • Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral trauma symptoms

  • Can attend public school

  • Have mild to moderate infractions with law enforcement

  • The ability to benefit from a residential setting and program

  • Have physical limitations with reasonable accommodations (limited sight, hearing, walking with cane or braces or asthma and diabetes controlled by medication and / or diet)

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorders

  • Wholeness Haven Inc. being an RTC will accept emergency admissions.

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