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Wholeness Haven Inc. is a nonprofit Residential Treatment Facility, designed to care for  boys and girls ages 7 through 17, with emotional disorders. The levels of care provided are Specialized, Intense and Intense Plus.  Care is provided in accordance with and/or above the standards for 24-hour child care facilities. 
Wholeness Haven Inc. was established in 2021. It was born out of the owner's love for children and the answer to the call of duty, at the precise time when the The Most High GOD of All Worlds, and the loving universe summoned them to help bring children to wholeness. 

Wholeness Haven Inc. sits on a beautiful 5 acre property with vast amounts of space for our children to play, heal, learn and feel perfectly at home.  

We can proudly say we have the best team of staff who are nurturing, loving, caring and dedicated to the children we serve.  Our staff is committed to protecting these children with no respect to color, class, creed, or nationality. We just hope for the best in them all, care for all based on their specific needs, Support each child as he gets better, and help each one maintain Balance as he strives towards wholeness.

Wholeness! is a prayer for each child, each employee and each visitor who enter our doors.

Our Vision

The vision of Wholeness Haven Inc. is to provide a caring environment that supports its most vulnerable members, and service that fosters wholeness in each child’s life, resulting in an increased opportunity to actualize his/her true potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and stable environment that assist children in thriving and achieving their greatest human potential, bringing about balance through quality care, integrated treatment strategies, social support, good intentions and connected relationships.

Our Philosophy

Wholeness Haven utilizes  the Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) program model to support children facing the challenges of mental health, substance abuse issues and separation from their primary support systems. Wholeness Haven is an integrated trauma centered program specializing in treating an array of behavioral issues, co-occurring disorders and mental health needs.

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